The Prestigious Driven by Purpose Award
Driven by Purpose for DARE – 09/21/2014

Driven by Purpose consists of hundreds of exotic car owners who come together for selected events throughout the year.  Our members own some of the most exotic cars in the world.  Most of the events we participate in are not only fun but also help to support various charitable causes.

Founded in 2009 by Bruno Guarini Driven by Purpose hosts and participates in a few selected events throughout the year.  As our membership continues to grow so does the caliber of events in which we participate.  What sets our events apart from others in the region is the strict approval process we go through with each and every event.  The exotic cars at our events are of a caliber not found anywhere else.

Our group consists of hundreds of exotic car owners and enthusiasts who use their love of cars to promote worthy causes.  Most of our events feature hundreds of exotic cars – all of which are the best of the best.