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2016 Ramapo Concours Event

RSVP for the special

Driven by Purpose Section!

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JOIN US SATURDAY JUNE 11, 2016 for the Ramapo Councours Event!

Many have been asking for another great event​ and here it is!​


We are very​ excited and proud​ to announce we will be joining the fabulous Ramapo Concours event taking place on June 11, 2016!


This great event has been growing since its start and we are thrilled to be taking part this year!  We expect an incredible turnout of DBP members to demonstrate the pride and passion we have for our great cars at this fabulous event.


Driven by Purpose members cars will be featured in a special area exclusive for our group! 


​Note the event will be divided into 2 special groups:


Option 1 (Not Judged)​:

If you would like to join our special section RSVP below to have your car considered!  Only those registered with us will be permitted into our section!​


​Option 2 (Judged)​:

​If you want to participate in the judged​ portion and ​have a Concours quality ​special or vintage car you can register for the​ Concours d'Elegance.​ Register for the judged section ​ at the link here

Note these cars must be of superior quality and meet the high standards of the Concours!​


An optional​ catered lunch will be offered to our members!  Purchase your ticket now for a discounted price of $35 at the link here.  The lunch will be $50 at the event.  Please note the purchase of a ticket does not guarantee your car will be accepted in our section.  Only those who register their cars via email or below will be permitted in our section!


​As you know Driven by Purpose is known for hosting events with tremendous turnouts of hundreds of cars​ and this event will be no exception! Spots will go fast so RSVP now to ensure you are included!  This is an event you will not want to miss!​


This great event benefits Ramapo College and Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation!  The entrance fee of $5 will be charged at the door.


We look forward to a great showing of your fabulous cars representing Driven by Purpose at this great event!  RSVP now using the form below!


For more information about the event visit


See you there!

Question?  Ask here!

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