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The Prestigious Driven by Purpose Award

Driven by Purpose for DARE - 09/21/2014

About Driven by Purpose


Driven by Purpose consists of hundreds of exotic car owners who come together for selected events throughout the year.  Our members own some of the most exotic cars in the world.  Most of the events we participate in are not only fun but also help to support various charitable causes.


Founded in 2009 by Bruno Guarini Driven by Purpose hosts and participates in a few selected events throughout the year.  As our membership continues to grow so does the caliber of events in which we participate.  What sets our events apart from others in the region is the strict approval process we go through with each and every event.  The exotic cars at our events are of a caliber not found anywhere else.


Our group consists of hundreds of exotic car owners and enthusiasts who use their love of cars to promote worthy causes.  Most of our events feature hundreds of exotic cars – all of which are the best of the best.



Launched in 2016 the Iconic Motorcars Club is an exclusive group of select members who all share the same passion for great cars. To become an official Iconic Motorcars Club member visit our membership page for details.  Only members receive invitations on our most exclusive events. 

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Since we began we have hosted an incredible roster of events!   Here is a brief summary!


2008-2010 Car Tour.  Two fantastic events benefited the Children of Fallen US Soldiers and the University of Michigan Linda Dolce Scleroderma Research Fund.  These events received recognition from Governor Chris Christe of NJ who personally sent founder, Bruno Guarini, a letter recognizing the charitable efforts.


2012 1st Annual Driven by Purpose for D.A.R.E. The first event benefiting the DARE program drew a huge turnout to Upper Saddle River, NJ.  We have continued the tradition to what has become a signature event.


2012 NYC Columbus Day Parade.  Driven by Purpose provided exotic Italian cars to escort esteemed guests and parade honorees down 5th Avenue for the NYC Columbus Day Parade.  Our members love taking part in this high profile event.


2013 Motown in May at the Morristown Airport. This fabulous event took place in an open hanger at Morristown Airport.  The runway was lined with fabulous cars while classic airplanes provided a backdrop.  This great event benefited The Children's Institute & The Center for Independence which helps those with Autism.


2013 Events at Palazzone Cafe.  In 2013 we began the tradition of Sunday Brunches at Palazzone.  These intimate gatherings proved to be a hit with our members who are always looking for an excuse to get out and drive!  Not to mention the incredible authentic Italian pastries and great friends at these events!


2013 NYC Columbus Day Parade.  Once again Driven by Purpose was asked to provide  exotic Italian cars to escort parade honorees down 5th Avenue for the NYC Columbus Day Parade.  Our members enjoyed escorting those such as Miss USA along the parade route.


2013 2nd Annual Driven by Purpose for D.A.R.E.  The 2nd Annual DARE event drew over 300 exotic cars to Upper Saddle River, NJ.  The turnout was incredible and helped put Driven by Purpose on the map as the premier hosts of exotic car events in the northeast.


2014 June Country Drive.  This drive took our members along some of the most scenic roads in the northeast.  This event allowed our members to do what they like best - drive!


2014 Events at Palazzone Cafe.  We continued the tradition of our Sunday events at Palazzone meeting on a near monthly basis for the duration of car season 2014.  These events have continued to grow to great proportions!  We look forward to continuing this great tradition in 2015!


2014 3nd Annual Driven by Purpose for D.A.R.E.  The 3rd Annual Driven by Purpose for DARE was our best yet with an incredible turnout of cars for this great event!  Proceeds benefitted the USR Youth Guidance Council & DARE


2014 Fall Country Drive.  Held in October 2014 this event marked the last of the 'car season' and featured an incredible lineup of cars! The drive was truly incredible, starting and ending at the Park Avenue Club, the drive lead us through incredible scenic roads with the fall foliage in full display.


2015 Launch Event.  On May 17 2015 Driven by Purpose officially launched the season with a fabulous Spring Country drive.  The drive lead through beautiful roads to the fabulous Ninety Acres at Natirar where the cars were displayed on fabulous grounds and our members enjoyed a great lunch.  We look forward to continuing this great tradition!


New York Harbor Exotic Car Event.  On August 30, 2015 Driven by Purpose hosted our most ambitious event ever with the New York Harbor Exotic Car Event!  The event was held at Liberty State Park with the Statue of Liberty and NYC Skyline serving as a backdrop for the spectacular turnout of beautiful exotic cars!  The event was a huge success with hundreds of cars and thousands of spectators in attendance.  We look forward to continuing this great tradition for years to come!


In July 2016 Driven by Purpose launched the exclusive Iconic Motorcars Club. Only official IMC members will receive invitations to our most exclusive upcoming events.  Become an IMC member today to ensure you receive invitations to all our upcoming events!


Driven by Purpose Team

Driven by Purpose founder Bruno Guarini giving a speach at the 2015 launch event.

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